19+ Photography puns & jokes

If you want the best photography puns and dad jokes you’ve come to the right place. Now before you say, “these are so cheesy” remember…only your dad tells these types of jokes. If you need to know if these are on point or not, show it to him and let him be the judge. We’re pretty sure he’ll think they’re hi-larious.

I shoot things for a living

Photo of a man capturing a landscape with a photography pun

I wish I had a camera that could take such nice pictures…

Photo of a landscape with a photography joke

I flash, they shutter…

Photo of a toy camera with a photography joke overlayed

The only person unable to keep focus

Photo of a person holding a camera lens with a photography pun

Don’t be so negative

Photo of an asian woman with film negative over her face and overlaid photography joke

Photographic memory not required

Person holding a mirrorless camera and photography pun

Netflix and chill

Photo of a dark room with photography joke overlaid

Shallow depth of field is your friend

Out of focus photo of lights with photography pun

Don’t focus on the negatives

Picture of a camera lens with a photography joke

Adjust your exposure

Picture of an ocean with photography pun

No animals were harmed in the making of this photo

Photo of an owl with photography joke

Close but no cigar

Picture of misty forest with photography pun

Manual mode is no joke

Picture of mode selection on a camera with photography pun

No time for friends and family

photo of people having a party with photography joke

Hot new camera body

person holding a camera in front of laptop with photography pun

Frame to table

Picture of man in a wheat field with photography joke on top

Your small fortune

Photo of multiple cameras and photography pun

It was the one-armed man, I was framed!

Picture of surveillance cameras and photography pun

Doing it for the exposure

Picture of camera lens and photography joke

The only mug shot I want

Picture of coffee mug with photography pun