A Guide To Newborn Photography

When a baby is born, the first few weeks are so special. It’s hard to believe that this tiny little person has just started their life journey and will be growing up fast!

There are all sorts of milestones and firsts to celebrate as they grow from a newborn into an adorable toddler. When you have your own child or plan on becoming a parent soon, it’s important to document every moment with beautiful photographs.

To ensure that you capture those special moments in the best way possible, we’ve put together some photography tips for taking great newborn photos!

Newborn Baby Photoshoot Poses

Below are a few examples of our favorite poses for baby photos.

cute portrait photography example of a newborn baby The sleeping newborn: Lie the baby on a blanket with
its arms and legs tucked close to their body, so they look like they are just taking a nap. This is sometimes called “The Sleeping Beauty” pose because it’s reminiscent of how fairytale princesses slept in storybooks.

picture of cuddling a newborn

Cuddles: this pose is a classic, and is easy to achieve. Simply wrap the baby in a receiving blanket so they are snugly wrapped up and then have them cuddled close against your shoulder or chest.

picture of dad and baby

Daddy’s shoulders: this pose is often used for dads who want to get involved in taking pictures of their child too!

close up of newborn baby toes

The toes: You might want to consider cropping out some of the lower leg for this pose. This detail shot is great for showing off how little everything is on your new baby.

a newborn with mom

In your arms: there are many variations to this pose, but it basically involves having a newborn in their parent’s arms being cradled

How to Take the Best Newborn Photos

– Prepare your space for your photography session. Choose a safe room that has plenty of light and is well lit, but also comfortable for you and your baby. Depending on where you are, and the time of year you might need a space heater since it’s popular to the photos without your baby wearing too much clothing.

A white noise machine also comes in handy to keep your baby asleep since the sudden sounds of your shutter going off could wake her up.

If possible, choose a spot above eye level or similar camera angles in order to create an interesting perspective when photographing your newborn baby.

– Look to Inspiration. One of the best ways you can get your creative mom juices flowing for new ideas and inspiration is by browsing through photography books or Instagram. This will help give you an idea of what styles might work best when photographing newborns!

– Get Comfortable with Camera Settings. When capturing newborn photos, you’ll sometimes need a very shallow depth of field to help keep the focus on baby’s face. You can use your camera settings to adjust this, and it may take some trial and error to find what works best for you!

– Use window light. It’s usually a good idea not to shoot with a flash when photographing newborns. In a pinch, you can use soft light coming through the window if it’s bright outside.

picture of baby with a hat

Newborn Photo Props Ideas

To take the best newborn photography, you’ll need some inspiration for what sorts of things would make nice props! Here are a few recommendations for what to use as props in your photography session:

Soft blankets for a clean background and texture.

– A basket of clothes can make for an adorable prop, or you could put the baby’s favorite toys inside!

– A stuffed animal is always a cute addition that will bring out some personality.

Hats and headbands: These make a cute addition to your newborn pictures. Again, you can buy or make your own hats and headbands to use with newborns!

– Clothes and shoes: Whether you buy them new, borrow from friends/family members (especially if they have kids!), or find them secondhand – cute outfits can really add to your pictures.

Inspirational Ideas

There are many ways to capture the beauty of a newborn. But here are a few tips to get you started with your photography session set up:

– Use natural light for the best newborn photography. Take photos outside or near any window, and make sure your baby is facing away from direct sunlight to avoid harsh shadows.

– Try out different poses that show off your baby’s little outfits and feature adorable props like flowers or teddy bears.

– Take photos of your baby in a number of different environments to show their development over time – from the first few days after birth until they are walking on their own!

– Try experimenting with these ideas and see what works best for you, or find inspiration by looking at other newborn photography photographers.

There are a plethora of options you can go with the important thing to remember is there’s no right or wrong way.

an example of what a professional can do

Hiring A Pro For Your Newborn Session

The best way to create lasting memories is by hiring an experienced photographer who will work with both parents to make sure that everything goes smoothly during your photography session!

Here are 10 tips from top Newborn Photographers on how to prepare for your session so that you can have beautiful images for years to come! (link)

Do you tip a photographer for newborn photos?

You can, although most of the time a photographer gets paid pretty well. However, one of the best “tips” you can leave is a review on google or facebook. The 10 minutes you spend telling people about your experience is far more valuable to the photographer.

FAQ & Newborn Photography Tips

When should newborn baby photography be taken?

Newborn photos should be taken anywhere between the first few days after birth to around six weeks.

What do I need for a baby photoshoot?

It depends on how much you want to spend, but essentially all you need is a camera, patience, a baby, and creativity.

If you do have some money to spend it won’t hurt to invest in props soft blankets for your baby to lay on.

What settings should I use for newborn photography?

Usually, parents want to know how to make the background look blurry. The good news is this is really simple. Make sure you have a lens with a very low F-stop. The lower the F-stop the blurrier the background can be. For instance, with an F/1.3 lens, you can get the eye in focus and have almost the rest of the face blurry.

In order to utilize the lens to its maximum potential set your camera to aperture priority and let the camera pick an appropriate shutter speed.

How do you take good newborn pictures?

The key to this like most things in life is to experiment. You’ll need to have a good handle on the functionality of your camera. Because natural light is often used, you should set your camera to aperture priority to get a “blurry
background” look.

How do you take good pictures of your baby?

Window light is the best, so find a big window. The bigger the better as it will give you softer light with less harsh shadows. Contrary to what you might think, an overcast day actually gives the best look.

How do you practice newborn photography?

The easiest thing is to use a stuffed animal or another object that won’t move and will have the light wrap around itself. You could practice with whatever you have on hand, but something that has similar angles to your baby will help you learn composition with curves.

Is 2-3 weeks too old for newborn photos?

No way! Remember, you’ll be taking photos of your baby for a lifetime. The sooner you start the happier you’ll be. Don’t wait! 20 years from now you’ll be SO glad and “2 weeks” will seem like no time at all.