Boudoir Photography Ideas

Like most other forms of photography Boudoir Photography Ideas are all around you. This helpful guide will help you create your own ideas for yourself if you’re looking to DIY your Boudoir Photos, or help you plan your next shoot if you’re a photographer.

Boudoir Photography Lighting Tips

Boudoir photography much like any other style of photography comes down to the quality of light. You might have the fanciest camera in the world, the most expensive lens, and a whole bunch of other equipment but if the quality of the light isn’t good your photo just won’t be good.

Lighting is all about setting the mood. When it comes to Boudoir photography this is even more important.

Start with a large light source like the window or very bright wall. This will create soft Shadows and will give them a much more flattering look.

One thing in particular to avoid are harsh or small lights. Like most other forms of Photography avoid on camera flash if at all possible. This direct source of light from the angle of the camera will make everything look flat. Obviously this style of photography the more curves the better.

With very rare exception, you can’t go wrong with natural light.

Boudoir Poses To Hide Your Tummy

Below you’ll see some of the ways that I use boudoir photography poses to hide a woman’s stomach. Some women feel a bit shy about their midsection and want to cover up. These are my tips for how you can do this in your photo shoot.

out the window

Facing Away Pose

This pose doesn’t have to be facing a window, the key is to face away from the camera. This example give a silhouette look but you could also be well light and turn your head toward the camera to get a different vibe.

lower half

Cropping your photo

Cropping is a great photography technique in general. You can focus on areas you’d like to highlight and minimize areas that aren’t so flattering. Cropping can go a long way to getting both interesting and non-self-conscious shots. The right-sized bed can also play an important role in your photoshoot and help change the scale and get a more flattering photo.

in the tub

Use Props To Cover Certain Areas

Similar to cropping, don’t be shy to sit in a tub, or use other props to cover certain areas. Don’t like your stomach? Hide it with a large elegant feather or piece of clothing. The key is to make it look nature and not like you’re trying to cover up.

laying on bed

Use You Body To Cover up

You don’t have to have props to get great shots. A lot of times you can use clevar camera angles that use certain parts of your body to cover up other parts.

abstract of body

Go Abstract

There’s nothing sexier than abstract shots of a woman’s body. Don’t feel like you have to show off all the goods. Simplicity often leaves more for the imagination.