Best Umbrella for Portrait Photography

Are you a photographer? Do you want to know what the best umbrella for portrait photography is?

We’ve done all the research and testing so that you don’t have to! Here are our top 5 picks. They’re perfect for photographers who love taking portraits in natural light.

The umbrella is the best friend of studio photographers in showing their creativity in photography. It is an ideal medium to show your creativity in an umbrella which you can’t do anywhere else. Umbrellas are one of the most versatile tools in photography, and also, one of the most misunderstood.

Top 5 Best Umbrellas for Portrait Photography!

Let’s see the top umbrella for Portrait Photography. Here we have also compared the top features of the top 5.

Product Rating Star Rating PowerCheck Price (Link)
Neewer 600W 5500K12704.5600WClick Here
EMART 400W 5500K10514.5400WClick Here
LimoStudio, 700W-5500K92294.6700WClick Here
Neewer 47”/ 120cm12484.6120WClick Here
EMART 600W,5500K32084.6600WClick Here

1. Neewer Octagon Multi-Disc Light Reflector Umbrella

Neewer Portrait Lighting Reflectors are engineered to provide you with the perfect lighting essentials for any photography project. They will work perfectly as a reflector, diffuser or background light. You can also use it to fill in the shadows of people or objects.

Best features: The white translucent umbrella is lightweight and easy to set up, producing a neutral color temperature. The light stand is constructed from aluminum alloy, giving it exceptional strength.

This professional kit is perfect for advertising products, photo art, industrial, scientific and technical photography, and photographic reproduction.

The umbrella continuous lighting kit includes:(2)33″/84cm White Translucent umbrella +(2)83″/210cm Tall Studio Light Stands(1)31″/80cm Table Top Light Stand(3)45W Day-Light Studio Light Bulbs(3)Single Head Light Holder(1)Umbrella Carry Case(1)Bulb carry bag.


  • You can easily change the light
  • The adjustable stand
  • Perfect for shooting photography in low-light situations.
  • The lights have a lot of brightness.
  • They’re durable


  • It is a bit more work to set up compared to other umbrellas.

2. EMART Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector Umbrella

This 5500K Color temperature umbrella is perfect for all your on-location portrait photography. It creates a soft, flattering light that works well with both people and products.

Best features: Bring your photos to life with the EMART Professional Photo Studio Lighting Kit. This upgraded kit comes with two full sets of photo studio equipment, including 45W 5500K Energy Saving Daylight CFL Bulbs; Transparent/White Umbrellas for Reflecting Light; 83” Light Stands; and more! It’s the perfect addition to any glamour or family portrait shoot.


  • 1-year warranty.
  • This umbrella has a good size.
  • You can move the lights around without any problem.
  • The umbrellas are really durable and the fabric is thick.


  • The lights are not very bright.

3 LimoStudio Multi-Disc Light Reflector Umbrella.

The 700W-5500K umbrella is a large, white translucent umbrella with a black backing to absorb unwanted light. It creates a soft, flattering light that works well with both people and products.

Best features: The LimoStudio 700W Photo Video Solid Color 45W CFL Bulb Kit is a 7-in-1 essential piece for every photographer or videographer. The photo studio kit includes 1 light stand, 2 white umbrella reflectors, 2 black/silver umbrella reflectors, 5 cable ties, and a cloth carry bag for all photo equipment.

It also comes with 3 45WOCF CFL bulbs in different colors providing 1820 lumens of light output at 6000k cool color temperature and an 80% energy saving compared to traditional incandescent lamps! Start shooting your next photographic masterpiece today!


  • The lights have a lot of brightness.
  • You can adjust the umbrellas easily.
  • It cooks evenly in every direction.


  • It’s a bit heavy to transport.

4 Neewer Studio Continuous Lighting Umbrella Softbox

This umbrella softbox is a quick and easy way to diffuse harsh direct light, creating a softer, more natural-looking light that is perfect for product photography or portrait lighting.

Best features: The Neewer 47”/120cm-120W Studio Continuous Lighting Umbrella Softbox is a terrific product. It has a wide range of applications and works well in portraits or product photography. The softbox when spread, looks like it has an umbrella, making it easy to use.

This light diffusion surface measures 45″/116cm making for great light output with high reflective metal materials that are strong and lightweight at the same time. With this powerful yet affordable continuous lighting stand, you can enjoy 180 degrees of rotating potential so there’s no need to worry about which direction your subject is.


  • It is very lightweight and easy to transport.
  • It is really easy to set up this umbrella.
  • The lights are strong enough for the price they have.


  • You need to put weight on the bottom of the light.

5 EMART Plastic Rotatable Multi-Disc Umbrella Octagon Softbox

This octagon-shaped softbox is a quick and easy way to diffuse harsh direct light, creating a softer, more natural-looking light that is perfect for product photography or portrait lighting.

The umbrella rotates in 8 ways, so you can adjust it to any angle you want. If you have a big enough ceiling, you can use the lights without any other support system.

Best features: The EMART EMART 600W,5500K has an 8,000-hour average lifetime. This 45 watt CFL light is perfect whenever you need a more powerful continuous photo bulb with no noise and flicker to get the job done. Sold separately: model number 4576Z Single-Ended Light Hook and Model Number 4751Z Double-Ended Light Hook for attaching the CFL Bulb.


  • The lights are quiet and soft.
  • You can change the direction of this umbrella easily.
  • It is very easy to assemble


  • The lights are not very strong.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do photographers use white umbrellas?

White umbrellas are used to create soft light which is perfect for portrait photography. The white color of the umbrella will scatter the photons around it, which will then bounce back into the subject or product.

Is a softbox or umbrella better?

A softbox is a more enclosed light-shaping tool, and it can create beautiful, controlled light. An umbrella, on the other hand, is a great option for outdoor photographers and for photographers who need to work quickly. Umbrellas reflect light of all sizes so you don’t have to spend time modifying the light output.

How do you use an umbrella light for portraits?

Umbrella lights are an easy and inexpensive way to get started if you want a simple, no-frills light source. You’ll need an umbrella light stand, an umbrella, and a light source. Umbrella lights are good for portrait photography because they create soft light which is perfect for portraits.

Conclusion – The Bottom Line!

Your favorite portrait photographer probably has a list of equipment they can’t live without. What about you? If you’re looking for the best umbrella to use in your next shoot, we’ve got five options that will make your portraits stand out from the crowd and create some truly stunning shots.