Best Places for Photography in Seattle

Seattle is the largest city in Washington and the Pacific northwestern region of North America. So this 15th largest in the United States has some incredible photography options that might be hard to compile in a single article. Well, we have chosen some of the best options for you to explore in this short note here. So let’s begin.

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1.     Seattle Waterfront

If you are into night photography, then this place is something you have wanted for so long. On a very clear day, this place offers a perfect reflection of every glory it has in the end. Especially, the mirror effect of the Seattle Great Wheel and its true presence is something you can’t unsee.

2.     Jose Rizal Bridge

Long exposure shots of the ongoing busy traffic are majestic. It truly explains the busy roads, and how fast and short our lives are. On a short note, you can find the busy life in one shot and the nature and man-made things in another, with all highways crossing through the green patches.

3.     Kerry Park

Often known as the postcard-perfect view of Seattle, you can capture all the greatness of Seattle. Especially, night views here are especially extraordinary. Sunset view over Elliott bay offers a great opportunity to cover light trails of sunset.

4.     University of Washington

The University of Washington offers amazingly good artifacts and instincts. Especially in the spring season, you can find almost any color on the trees and flowers here. Apart from natural beauty, the place has dramatic views of Mt. Rainer, Cascade,, and Olympian ranges. You can also check out houseboats for an underwater drone shot or a birds eye view.

5.     Bainbridge Island Ferry

If you ever visit Seattle and you miss Bainbridge island Ferry by any chance, then it truly is a shame. Try to capture the Sea from a different perspective or a grand pic of the ferry on the Sea while chilling in the restaurants or refreshment shops on the shore.

6.     Columbia Tower

This is a place where you can find all of the famous places in Seattle. Though it is hard to capture all of the greatness in one shot, it’s great to find so many options in a single place.

7.     Smith Tower

If you happen to be in Seattle during rain, this one can be an excellent opportunity to capture Smith tower reflection. It’s like having two frames merged in a single shot. I always remember the parallel universe concept when I see two streets diving right at the pioneer of smith tower. And oh my! Does it look the same? 

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