Best Places for Photography in Boston

3.2 Million People visited Boston for recreational purposes in 2019. Statistics show a steep fall in the number of visitors in 2020 due to Covid-19 situations worldwide. But now, since the world is slowly moving back to normal, Boston is again welcoming visitors and recreational people. If you want to visit Boston, here below are some of the absolute best visiting and photography spots in Boston.

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1.     Boston Public Garden

Go to the place at the time of sunset, and you will instantly fall in love with the aura of the place. It’s located right in the middle of Boston, and it has a wonderful collection of over 600 different types of green trees and vivid flowers. With the water, fountains, water the tiny trenches, and you pass through the paved road. Isn’t it quite enchanting?

2.     Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

If you are into art and fantasy, this place might be the best connection to your mind and soul. The peace of this place combined with old artifacts portrays a cynical or a serene feel. The old windows and balcony can be a sight for a perfect classical picture. There can be endless combinations.

3.     Acorn Street

Rain makes this place magical.  It’s like a road to heaven, sort of like a cemetery. You will love the background picture here with cobbled streets and red brick houses along with the cloudy sky. The trees at the upper hand will add a glimpse of nature. It’s a blend of human and divine efforts.

4.     Bunker Hill Monument

At first, you might not even differentiate this from the Washington DC monument. The monument pokes over the houses, resting right next to and over to the street lamps. Bunker Hill Monument is one of the first monuments of Europe and has deep roots in history. It’s a place where new British soldiers faced the English Army for the first time.

5.     Fenway Park

You will know if you are a baseball fan. It’s one of the only two original parks left in the US. It’s free, and you can take great shots while playing a baseball game. It’s also the hub of some all-time favorite games that happen around.  

6.     Harvard University

Take a tour of Harvard University. If you are a graduate, it was probably your dream to be at Harvard. This place is in itself a prestigious place to be. Ivy League university in Harvard shows amazing heritage and cultural prints that you might want to capture.

7.     Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor is made up of 34 islands, and the good thing is it’s just a few minutes drive from the middle of Boston. Here you can find wonderful sunset and great night photography options. 

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