Best Places for Photography in Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the most attractive places for tourists. And its Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is one of the busiest airports in the US. In 2020, 42.9 Million passengers were trafficked through this beautiful place. If you are on vacation or just hanging around to explore some beautiful memories, isn’t it a shame if you don’t save them for later?

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We got you covered. Here are some of the glorious photography places to explore in Atlanta.

1.     Piedmont Park

A shimmering lake with all of the glorious greenery and rolling hills. Experience the ultimate in the fall season with trees shedding their green foliage and when everything is so refreshing in the spring. The shots at the lake with skyscrapers and greenery clubbed into one. It’s just majestic.

2.     Georgia Aquarium

Experience and capture the largest aquarium in the western hemisphere. Oceans have a deep aura; that’s what you will feel everytime you look at a shoot here. Utilize your wide-angle lens for a grand look.

3.     Krog Street Tunnel

Graffiti is that vintage classical theme that attracts anyone. If you are in for a walk around the Atlanta Beltline, don’t forget to capture the best art and graffiti for a cool look.

4.     SkyView Atlanta

 A bird’s view is a shot to open up a horizon of perspective, and it’s rare. So take a ride to Sky View Atlanta and kill two birds with a stone. You can have a great view of the whole city and make a perfect bird’ view shot.

5.     Roswell Mill

A historical mill and a heritage bridge deliver natural vibes. It’s like having a deja vu here. There is lots of scope to capture hiking trails, a lovely bridge, a historic mill, and lots of rusty old places for the vintage look.

6.     Thrasher Park

Within a few minutes walk from one of the most favourite places in Atlanta, thrasher park is more accessible and offers an ideal location. Right next to Lillian Webb Park fountains, here you can find railroad lines, sheds for perfect cute shots and a splash park.

7.     Mural At Glenn Hotel

Lots of people have an ultra-wide lens that they rarely use. Well, it’s time to pay a visit to that piece of lens you have paid for. Whether you have your professional photographer with you or not, you can always land a great Atlanta mural look at the Glen Hotel with all of those vivid and vibrant colours.

8.  Turnipseed Farms

With a beautiful lake and prideful swans, you can feel the energy here. It’s paid $25 for an hour, but that’s justified with its well known gardens having dense wildflowers. It’s a small location with a variety of aspects to capture. And it’s hard to stay more than an hour if you are in a rush to cover all of the places we have just mentioned so you are good with that $25 hole in your pocket.

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