Top 10 Photography locations in Kansas City

In case you’re looking for a travel case for photography check the article here.

1. Loose Park

Loose Park is one of the most honorary locations of Kansas City. The only drawback you get here is this place is incredibly busy. The greenery and the incredible background bokeh make this place a hotshot. However, you might have to be careful when shooting professionally because you may get fined if you haven’t paid the photographer’s fee.

2. Swope Park

It’s the largest park in Kansas City. With all of its artifacts, meadows, soccer pitches, golf courses, and stunning outdoor venue. It’s a treat with some of the best photography options in Kansas City.

3. Unity Village

Stunning roses of colors ranging from shocking pink to romantic red, it’s a whole new world. You breathe in the fresh smell of the roses and all of the glamour with it. It’s a perfect spot for romantic and blissful photography options in Kansas City.

4. Liberty Memorial

With its iconic skyline view, it’s an ultimate spot for portraits and impactful photography. It covers a huge amount of the city background in a single shot with highly dynamic bluish hues.

5. West Bottoms/Graffiti Walls

Graffiti walls offer vast opportunities ranging from vintage patterns to glorious designs and arcades. It is one of the best places to hook around for photography if you are into a more casual look.

6. Lake Jacomo

Water shots are an all-time favorite for everyone. You can truly make for a premium look with the yacht area while a deep water lake accompanies you.

7. Love Locks Bridge

A romantic place, preferably for couples. With all of the pinkish, romantic locks and rails, you can hit a perfect romantic click to surprise your partner.

8. Base Pro Water Fall Park

Who doesn’t like waterfalls? You can have a close glimpse of nature here in Kansas City. The Base Pro waterfall park is an ideal spot to click the best photos and capture memories.

9. Park Ville

A cute area right here in the downtown, with its adorable bridge and nice Missouri river view. Hover around, and you may find a beauty called “Hogwarts Castle.” Park Ville is a tourist hotspot and the optimal place for distinctive photography.

10. Burr Oak Woods Nature Center

With its natural trails and smell full of nature, this is hands down one of the best places for nature photography. You may even experience the legendary Havana Cabana scent when roaming for the perfect shot to get.

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