Best Cameras for Sport Photography

The best cameras for sport photography have very fast autofocus. My personal favorite recently has been Sony’s due to their amazing autofocus capabilities. You can even set it to track eyes so they’re always in focus.

What’s even crazier is that you can set WHICH eyeball to focus on (left, or right). It’s pretty crazy that you’re able to have such fine-tune control.

The Sony ecosystem is new to me, but for now, they are the top contender (and this is coming from someone who shot on Canon for YEARS)

I personally shoot on an a6400. It’s a good balance of features and price. It’s also nice that it’s mirrorless so when shoot sports or other action events it makes it much easier to hold. With bulkier cameras I’ve used in the past it was very tiring to keep it near my face as to not miss any action.

Another good option is the Sony A7. It’s more expensive than the a6400, but the quality you’ll get IS better.

If you’re a Canon person, the EOS 90d is comparable to the Sony’s I mentioned and is a good bang for your buck. Be sure to get a lens with vibration reduction as this will help you get sharper focus since it automatically stabilizes the photos being captured.

One of the best features that cameras for sports photography have is autofocus. It’s not a new concept as it has been around for many years, but newer technologies are making it easier to find.

When shooting sports, you don’t want to be using a camera with manual focus because sometimes there are too many things happening at the same time for you to notice what is going on in the picture.

With autofocus, your camera will automatically detect the subject to focus on and blur out everything else. This will allow you to use your camera without having any worry of missing anything important.