What’s the Best Camera for Interior Design Photography?

One of the most important decisions you will make in your photographic career will be selecting the best camera for for your photography. The main three are Canon, Nikon, and Sony, all of which offer a wide range of cameras, each with an astonishing number of numbers after their name that appears to serve only to confuse consumers. This brief advice should have given you a decent idea of the best camera for interior design photography.

The preferences of each individual play a vital role in this decision. Regardless of what the obsessive fans of each system may tell you on various sites (go there at your own risk), most consumers of professional cameras are now so similar that the lens choice is the key factor in your decision.

The most important decision you will have to make before purchasing your camera is whether you want to go with a full-frame sensor or opt for the (typically less expensive) cropped or APSC size sensor cameras.

For interior photography, should I use a full-frame sensor or a cropped sensor?

This question may be as old as photography itself, and it is the source of many keyboard warrior photography forum debates.

The bottom line is how much you are willing to pay. In most cases, a cropped or APSC-sized camera will be significantly less expensive. However, you will notice a tiny improvement in your photographs due to a full-frame camera’s enhanced dynamic range and superior low light performance on a full-frame sensor.

It will also allow you to utilize your lenses’ whole angle of view, allowing you to take full advantage of that 16-35 mm zoom.

Another technical consideration is the shorter depth of field than a full frame camera provides. Not particularly crucial for interior photography, but something to think about if you plan on capturing more than just properties.

Finally, there’s your own choice about what to consider.

Do you (or your clients) want to be associated with “that huge camera”? A job can be won or lost by how you present your image, so think about how your gear appears as well as what you can achieve with it.

3 Best Camera for Interior Design Photography:

·       Canon 5DS R

This is the best camera for interior design photography because it has a mirror vibration control system that reduces the vibration created by the camera’s shutter, allowing you to capture a high-quality image.

·       Nikon D850

It achieves this by using a backside-illuminated sensor, which allows it to collect light more effectively, improving dynamic range, color, and signal-to-noise performance for low-light shooting. This results in image quality comparable to most medium format cameras but considerably more affordable packaging.

·       Sony a7R mk3

The Sony a7R mk3 has a feature dubbed “Pixel Shift Multi Shooting,” which allows the camera to shoot four RAW shots while changing the sensors by a single pixel between each photo. When capturing still photographs enables you to capture more information. The one major disadvantage of this technique is that you must import them into Sony’s Remote application to handle the files, which adds another step to the post-production workflow.