Pet Photography: Great Shots Of Your Furry Friend

dog on black background

We all know how much joy our pets bring to our lives. However, capturing that happiness on film can be a challenge. Taking pet photography seriously requires some effort and preparation; just like taking professional photos of people does! This blog post will go over the basics of pet photography, give you tips for getting … Read more

7 tips to take better headshot photography

black light portrait

At some point nearly everyone needs a headshot. If you’re shooting at home be it of yourself or someone else, Here’s a few tips and techniques to help get you started with perfect headshot photography home setup. The Basics of Headshot Photography Before you get started you’ll need a few pieces of gear (or actually … Read more

Boudoir Photography Ideas

cover up stomach

Like most other forms of photography Boudoir Photography Ideas are all around you. This helpful guide will help you create your own ideas for yourself if you’re looking to DIY your Boudoir Photos, or help you plan your next shoot if you’re a photographer. Boudoir Photography Lighting Tips Boudoir photography much like any other style … Read more

What Is Monochrome Photography?

closeup black and white flower

When it comes to Monochrome Photography, we need to understand the term.  The word monochrome means single color. So you have a monochromatic photo that consists of only one color. It can be composed of various shades of the same color (for instance you can have very dark and very light shades of red) and … Read more

9 Best Tips for Vintage Photography

vintage photography

I love vintage photography!  One of my favorite images is me as a kid dressed up in a cowboy costume in an old west style photoshoot at Frontier City. I even had a gun! Over the years I’ve collected vintage photos and always wondered about the people pictured. Because that look is so interesting to … Read more

Milk Bath Photography – How To Guide

Woman in milk

I was doing some googling the other day (as one often does) and ran across some milk bath photos. Of course, the question I immediately thought of was, how do you do that? I did a little digging and have created a DIY Milk Bath Photography guide below. How do you do milk bath photography? … Read more

How To Get Real Estate Photography Jobs

real estate photography kitchen

The Ultimate Guide on How To Get Real Estate Photography Jobs. When you’re getting started in real estate photography it’s easy to spend lots of time on your website, business cards and logo but the critical driver of a photography business is the same as any other business: SALES. As Mark Cuban once said “Sales … Read more

A Guide To Newborn Photography

When a baby is born, the first few weeks are so special. It’s hard to believe that this tiny little person has just started their life journey and will be growing up fast! There are all sorts of milestones and firsts to celebrate as they grow from a newborn into an adorable toddler. When you … Read more